Roasted Makhana (Magic Masala) Pack of 2
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Roasted Makhana (Magic Masala) Pack of 2

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Flavour: Magic Masala
QTY: 2 Jars
Size: 80 gm (each)
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    • 🌢️ Exquisite Flavour: Dive into the world of Magic Masala with our Harvest Bunnyy Roasted Makhana! A unique fusion of spices and herbs makes it stand out from the snack crowd.
    • 🌰 Premium Quality: We handpick the finest lotus seeds, roasting them with traditional techniques for an exceptional taste and quality experience.
    • 🌿 Natural Ingredients: No artificial additives, preservatives, or flavors here! Our Harvest Bunnyy Roasted Makhana is a wholesome, natural snacking choice.
    • 🌱 Vegan-Friendly: Suitable for all! Our Harvest Bunnyy Roasted Makhana caters to various dietary preferences, proudly vegan-friendly.
    • πŸƒ Health-Conscious: Guilt-free indulgence! Low in calories and cholesterol-free, our Makhana is a wholesome snack for mindful snacking.
    • 🍿 Snacking: Satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere! Our Magic Masala-flavored Harvest Bunny Roasted Makhana is perfect for home, work, or on the go.
    • πŸŽ‰ Party Snack: Impress your guests! Our unique and flavorful snack is a showstopper at gatherings and parties.
    • πŸ₯— Garnish: Elevate your dishes! Sprinkle these over soups, salads, or yogurt for a delightful crunch and a burst of spicy flavor.