About Us

Welcome to Singh Ruchi Harvest Private Limited

Our core mission is to deliver unparalleled quality in the realm of agricultural commodities. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we have cultivated a reputation for sourcing only the finest ingredients for our discerning customers.

Understanding that superior meals begin with superior products, we offer an extensive array of grains, pulses, dry fruits, and beverages, each meticulously chosen and subjected to rigorous testing to meet our exacting standards of quality and purity.

Our Journey

Founded in 2023 on a cornerstone of purity and quality, we embarked on a mission to elevate the food and beverage industry to a new benchmark of excellence. Our brands - Harvest Bunnyy and Zineral, are the embodiment of our commitment to healthful living and customer satisfaction.

Singh Ruchi Harvest Private Limited stands as a symbol of trust and distinction in a market that yearns for authenticity and nutritional value.

Our Brands


Harvest Bunnyy - Wholesome Foods & Snacking

Harvest Bunnyy emerges from our dedication to wholesome snacking and nutritious alternatives. Our selection of healthy foods is tailored for the health-conscious individual who refuses to compromise on taste. We pledge that every Harvest Bunny product is infused with the finest ingredients, all while supporting your healthful lifestyle.

Zineral - Invigorating Beverages

Zineral is our beacon in the beverage landscape, offering a variety of drinks crafted to invigorate the body and spirit. Our beverage brand is distinguished by its commitment to natural ingredients and innovative blends. Zineral is not just about quenching thirst—it's about delivering a revitalizing experience with every sip.

Our Promise
  • To provide the best quality agricultural commodities.
  • To practice sustainability and care for our environment.
  • To innovate and adapt to the evolving tastes and nutritional needs of our customers.
  • To maintain complete transparency and uphold the integrity that you have come to expect from us.
Connect With Us

Embark on a journey of taste and trust with Singh Ruchi Harvest Private Limited. Stay connected to discover our latest offerings and to gain insights into a lifestyle of wellness. Your satisfaction drives our innovation, and together, we can achieve a healthier, more flavourful future.

For detailed information on our product range, or to share your feedback and suggestions, please contact us. We value your input and strive to enhance your experience with every interaction.


Thank you for choosing Singh Ruchi Harvest Private Limited —where excellence is not an option, but a promise.


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