Rolled Oats Chips (Peri-Peri) - 3 Pcs
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Rolled Oats Chips (Peri-Peri) - 3 Pcs

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FLAVOUR: Peri-Peri
QTY: Pack of 3
Size: 150 gm (Each)
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    Discover the irresistible allure of our Oats Chips (Peri-Peri) with these enticing facts:

    🌾 Oat Chips (Peri Peri): A delectable and crunchy snack crafted from oats with an authentic tomato flavour.

    🚫 No Artificial Colours or Flavours: Enjoy a wholesome snack with the assurance of no artificial additives.

    🌱 Excellent Source of Fiber: Packed with fiber, these chips provide sustained energy and contribute to your daily dietary needs.

    ⚡ Energy Boost: A satisfying crunch combined with wholesome oats delivers a natural source of energy to keep you fuelled.

    🔥 Peri Peri Flavour: Delight in the unique and spicy Peri Peri flavour, adding an extra kick to your snacking experience.

    Indulge in the wholesome goodness of Oat Chips (Peri Peri), a perfect blend of flavour and nutrition for your enjoyment !!