Roasted Makhana (Tandoori) Pack of 2
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Roasted Makhana (Tandoori) Pack of 2

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Flavour: Tandoori Masala
QTY: 2 Jars
Size: 80 gm (each)
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    Embark on a culinary journey with our Harvest Bunnyy Tandoori Flavour Makhana, where premium Roasted Makhana meets the rich and savoury taste of Tandoori. Meticulously seasoned, each piece captures the essence of this beloved Italian classic, delivering a burst of cheesy, herb and slightly tangy goodness in every bite.

     Key Features:

    1. Premium Quality: Our Tandoori Flavour Makhana starts with premium Roasted Makhana, ensuring a high-quality base for the perfect snacking experience.
    2. Meticulous Seasoning: Each piece is meticulously seasoned to bring out the authentic taste of Tandoori, creating a flavourful and delightful snack.
    3. Culinary Adventure: More than just a snack, it's a culinary adventure that merges the wholesome crunch of roasted Makhana with the delectable flavours of a perfect Tandoori.
    4. Versatile Flavours: Whether you prefer the traditional Margherita or crave the boldness of pepperoni, our Tandoori Flavour Makhana caters to a variety of Tandoor cravings.
    5. Healthy Indulgence: Satisfy your cravings in a healthy and guilt-free way, enjoying the fusion of textures and flavours without compromising on nutrition.

    Elevate your snacking experience with our Harvest Bunnyy Tandoori Flavour Roasted Makhana—an irresistible fusion of premium quality, meticulous seasoning, and authentic Tandoori goodness.

    It's not just a treat, it's a journey into the world of delightful indulgence.